- delivery of 4 pcs. replacement rotors, diameter 3.550 mm, for supply-exhaust systems, each with 40,000 m³/h
in winter used for energy recovery (sensible + latent heat) in summer for cooling (DEC system)

- delivery of 2 rotor cassettes for dry storage, process air flow 17 000 m³/h each, Stainless Steel cassette

- delivery and installation of 4 pcs. replacement rotors, diameter 1.300 mm ... 2 m, operating data optimization

- delivery of 1 pcs. rotor cassette for ice rink, process air flow 6.500 m³/h

- survey and performance test of 4 stationary dehumidifiers

- survey and performance test of 4 stationary and 4 mobile dehumidifiers, supply of replacement rotors and spare parts for restoration

- repair and supply of 2 air dehumidifiers used for preservation of gas turbines

- 1 dehumification unit, process air volume 2.600 m³/h, hygienic design, reactivation energy: steam

- delivery of 6 rotor cassettes for pharmaceutical industry, process air flows 4400 m³/h ... 13 900 m³/h

Experience, Erich Schroefl

comprehensive know-how for the engineering of dehumidification systems due to a unique backgrund also in related areas:

8 year Manager, dehumidification division Munters Austria
technical and commercial responsibility, special applications

5 years chemical process treatment, including corrosion inhibition

13 years process and bulding automation

since 2002 IRW – Kuëss Consulting GmbH
Consultant and Trainer for electrical safety in low and medium voltage elctrical installations
Walter Bösch GmbH & Co KG, Klimatechnik
Team Leader humidification / dehumidification / special applications
Buderus Austria Heiztechnik Ges.m.b.H.
Training Manager
Munters Trocknungs-Service Ges.m.b.H.
Manager, dehumidification division
Specialty chemicals for the process industry
Marketing - Application Engineer - Area Manage
Honeywell Austria Ges.m.b.H., Industrial Automation
acquisition and project management, product presentations for process management systems in the process industry
Schrack Wien
sales engineer, electronic alarm systems for the process industry
development enginner, electronic ripple control receivers